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500.4 KXMA Amp three-quarter
500.4 KXMA Amp side
500.4 KXMA Amp back
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model: 48KXMA5004
KXMA Amps are built for the outdoors. Gain, crossover and bass-boost controls are protected behind a gasket-sealed panel, as is the control cover hiding the settings, creating a water-resistant barrier to key controls.

Real Marine™

The KICKER Real Marine standard means your amplifier is purpose-built for your boat. Every KXMA (and KMA)-Series amp comes complete with anti-corrosive speaker, power and RCA terminals, stainless-steel screws, conformal-coated circuit boards and ABYC/NMMA-compliant power connections. KICKER products also undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed marine industry standards for UV, humidity and saltwater exposure. This unparalleled commitment to engineering quality and maritime safety is why our products truly are "Real Marine."

KXMA500.4 Marine Amplifier

KickEQ™ delivers as much as an 6dB of extra bump with a simple turn of the knob. A powerful 24dB crossover is also included, letting you quickly tune your system to perfection. A full-range RCA output allows you to easily add another amplifier without running new signal cable to your KICKER KMC Media Center.

  • Class D Amplifier
  • Gain Control With "Gain Match" LED Indicator
  • FIT2™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology) Circuitry
  • Variable 24dB Crossover
  • DSP-Controlled Preamp
  • KickEQ™ 6dB Variable Bass Boost
  • ABYC/NMMA-Compliant Power Terminals
  • Conformal-Coated Circuit Boards
  • Easy Access to Settings behind Gasket-Sealed Cover Panel
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Chassis
  • Top-Mounted, Teal LED Light Pipe
  • Stainless-Steel Mounting Hardware Included

Want setup help? Go to KICKER U for a free woofer-and-amp configuration app!

This KXMA amplifier delivers as much as 125 watts into four full-range channels, or 250 watts into two sets of bridged channels. See below for more details.

POWER [watts/ch], 2 OHM STEREO
125 x 4
POWER [watts/ch], 4 OHM STEREO
75 x 4
250 x 2
DIMENSIONS [in] all models 2-1/8H x 8-5/16W x ___L
DIMENSIONS [cm] all models 5.4H x 21.0W x ___L
10-20k, +0/-1dB
High Level 250mV-10V, Low Level 125mV-5V
>95dB, a-weighted, re: rated power
(amp 1) 24dB/octave, variable 10-5kHz w/ 10x switch, selectable high pass, low pass or all pass
(amp 2) 24dB/octave, variable high pass 10-500Hz, variable low pass 40-5kHz w/10x switch, selectable high pass, low pass, all pass or band pass
Variable 0-6dB, centered @ 40Hz (Only on amp 2)
When purchased from an Authorized KICKER Dealer or kicker.com, KICKER warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of THREE (3) YEARS from date of original purchase. - Complete warranty information here.

RMS Power test @ 14.4v @ </- 1% THD+N, Audio Precision® APx500 analyzer, see www.kicker.com/amp-power-testing for details.

Dynamic Power test @ 14.4v @ </- 10% THD+N, Audio Precision APx500 analyzer, see www.kicker.com/amp-power-testing for details.

Audio Precision is a registered trademark of Audio Precision in the United States and other countries.

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Important Safety Information

When installing KICKER amplifiers (car or marine) in a boat or other vehicle/environment where flammable fuel vapors can accumulate rather than dissipate, you must use appropriate MARINE fuses, MARINE fuse holders, and MARINE wiring to minimize the risk of fire or explosion.



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